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July 2023 NEWSLETTER  News! New Merch! Latest Giglist!

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Hello lovely monkey friends everywhere!

Well 2023 is whizzing by and we are on our full hectic, wonderful summer festival touring roller coaster. The gigs so far this season have been absolutely electric, and left us totally buzzing


We started the season with a bang with an epic opening set on Bearded Theory's Main stage

Bearded collage.png

We feel so blessed to have been invited to play Glastonbury Festival, and we certainly made the most of it with our 4 gigs, including this one at the Bandstand


And here's a pic of our very excited faces as we ran across site to see the Foo Fighters after our last gig



Our new "Mermonkey T-Shirt is now available for pre-order below. The design is our interpretation of the 'live’ Fiji Mermaid whose skeleton fooled the masses in the 1800s...seeing is not always believing!


Please note this is a pre-order, so there will be some delay before you receive your orders, but your support and patience is hugely appreciated


NB if there's a size you would like that we haven't listed in the shop then please email us at and we'll add it to the order if possible

2023-Mermonkey-T-Shirt-ad-V2 copy.png


Don't worry if you haven't caught up with us yet this year, check out our gig list, there's plenty of opportunities as you can see


Thank you one and all for all your love and support!

Can't wait to see you in a field soon 

Athene, Tim, Jamie and Rich 

3 Daft Monkeys xxx

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