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bespoke hand percussion kit, vocals



I first started hitting things when I was very young. My drumkit was made up of ice cream containers and my sticks were coloured pencils.  I have since ditched the pencils and now play a bespoke hand percussion kit that really is a lot of fun to hit.


I am also a film maker, producer, director and editor and one of my short films, Not Before Me, went on to appear at the Cannes Short Film Corner, Dublin Short Film Festival and the Cornwall Film Festival. In recent years I have made music videos for the Levellers as well as for the 3 Daft Monkeys.


I have been blessed to live in Cornwall for most of my life. I study the Cornish language with a small class and I believe that keeping the language alive is imperative in the battle to save Cornwall’s heritage.

I love to teach drums and there is nothing better than to pass on my experience, techniques and enthusiasm, to a willing student. I have recently begun teaching young people with learning difficulties; I believe the therapeutic benefits of drumming help to relax and focus energetic minds.


I use Amedia Hand Made Turkish Cymbals and Protection Racket Drum Cases.


I love to grow my own vegetables and get out whenever possible to tend my veg patches.


I live on the Lizard with my partner, our daughter, our cat and we have a rabbit and a hedgehog that live in our garden.

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