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6-string bass



Multi-instrumentalist Jamie Graham is the most recent addition to the band. His fretless 6-string electric bass style, multi-effects and vocals have added a fresh new sound to 3DM's repertoire, both old songs and new. Jamie also plays sax, double bass, things with keys, guitar, drums, uke, clarinet, tuba and bagpipes


Jamie was a founder member in popular folk reggae act Roots Union, playing bass and Hammond organ alongside BBC Folk Awards winners Philip Henry and Hannah Martin, with whom he toured and recorded in both the UK and the USA.


Jamie can be seen playing Baritone and Tenor saxophone in the live soul remix act "Daytoner", who have recently been played frequently on Radio 6. He also drums, samples and arranges for live reggae act Babylon 5.


In previous incarnations, including several metal bands and jazz projects, Jamie drummed for comedy pub band "The Boogaloo Dudes, and bass with distortion hippies "Blank Panda".


If he's not whizzing past you on his motorbike or experimenting in his musical laboratory, you'll find Jamie hangin' 5 on his longboard on the North Cornish coast.


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