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The Antiquated & The Arcane CD
Whilst 3DM's Celtic-Folk sound has been the glue that has held this band together over many years, there is so much more thrown into the mix with the release of their latest opus, "Antiquated & Arcane". In one breath you have the usual Gypsy jazz-jive that is the backbone of the whole affair whilst hypnotic klezmer whizzes around to some really funky ska beats, Balkan folk and punk elements. Add in a delicate dose of weird waltz's, romantic Latino and you have a world music album (in the true sense of the genre meaning music from around the world) that should appeal way beyond their usual fan base.

Track listing:

The Antiquated and The Arcane
Under One Sun
Just A Ride
Doors Of Perception
Days Of The Dance
Perfect Stranger
Time To Evolve
Casualties Of Tour
Civilised Debauchery
She Said
Love (SIC) Fool
Love Life

The Antiquated & The Arcane CD

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