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vocals, 12-string guitar, penny whistle



Lyricist and songwriter Tim Ashton is the charismatic front man in 3DM. His compositions have been used in many films and documentaries, and he has recorded lead vocals on tracks by The Changing Room, and whistle for Zetan Spore. Tim has has also recently guested 'live' onstage with the Levellers and the People's String Foundation.


"I cut my teeth in punk and psychobilly bands in Bradford when I was a young teenager, playing pubs and clubs at night then blurrily struggling to school the next day. On moving to Cornwall as a later teen I soon felt the allure of the open road, embarking on a musical ramble across Europe, ending up busking on the streets of Amsterdam. It was at this point that I started my love affair with 12-string guitars, the loud, bright sound suiting street work and cutting through the noise of the busy bustling boulevards.


Returning to Cornwall I formed cult psychedelic rock band Moondragon with two of my brothers and 3DM drummer Richie Mulryne. It was whilst on tour with them, in Holland, that I met 3DM violin and vocalist Athene Roberts, who was playing with fiddle dub dance band Headmix Collective, and she soon joined our acoustic outfit Lordryk. Athene, Richie and I undertook an impromptu tour of Spain, and called ourselves 3 Daft Monkeys after a rather bizarre song I had written.


After a year of gigs Richie left to pursue other interests, leaving me and Athene to travel and busk around Europe. We travelled with a French/Spanish circus troop in Northern Spain, spent evenings sharing tunes around campfires in Galicia, and eventually ended up in east Germany. With the offer of work with music workshops, we returned to Cornwall and reformed 3DM.


I've been on the road touring for over 20 years in different incarnations, but I'm really excited that our latest 3DM line-up is the most vibrant, dynamic, experimental and focused yet, and I think that with our solid DIY team around us, 3 Daft Monkeys is now the best it has ever been. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store and what adventures we have yet to encounter.”


Tim is endorsed by Faith Guitars and plays an Eclipse12-string and 6 string cutaway for both live and recorded work. He plays Susato and Phil Bleazey whistles.

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