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IT’S UNBELIEVABLE we know… but in 2020 we will be celebrating 20 YEARS of 3 Daft Monkeys!!!!

We'd like you to be part of it every step of the way. FIRSTLY.. we want you to choose your ultimate 3 Daft Monkeys set list for us to play at gigs and festivals In 2020. It can be made up of ANY of our own songs from the last 20 years… We would love you to send us the titles of between 1 and 12 of our songs to help us create the ultimate “Best Of” 3DM set ever. Either post on our contact page, or send your ideas to

With 74 original songs on 8 studio albums and 2 live, there’s a whole lot of choice!! Listen to them all FOR FREE here. Just click on an album cover and they all pop up.

It could be album tracks you’ve never heard us play, songs that a set wouldn’t be the same without, or a song that reminds you of an awesome gig moment. We want to hear your ideas!!

Can’t wait to find out what your ultimate set list will be so we can get rehearsing. We’re planning on doing an EPIC gig party here in Cornwall with very special guests, and recording the whole show for you to pre-order on CD in 2020.

Extra special prize for anyone who chooses all the song titles that make up the top 12.

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